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UDOR 26.901.162 (Turbo)

UDOR high performance spray gun with 8" barrel. Adjustable spray pattern from straight stream to cone mist.

UDOR 7.901.103 (Turbine)

UDOR high performance spray gun with 17" barrel features 10 mm internal tubing & adjustable spray pattern from straight stream to cone mist.

UDOR 13.901.103 (Long Range)

UDOR hight performance spray gun with 21" barrel features 12 mm internal tubing with stream straightener & adjustable spray pattern from straight to cone mist.


Root Feeder

This solid stainless steel unit is built for the long haul with replaceable 4-hole tips in a tapered point. It is the only feeder rated to 400psi, capable of soil fracturing. It will last for years.

At flow rates up to 12gpm, the GPS Root Feeder is a real money maker, cutting application times up to 50%.

Drum & Mixing Pump


This is not your typical transfer pump....

First, with infinitely variable pumping speed ranging from 0 - 30 GPM, you can empty a drum in 2 minutes. It can handle soaps, oils and typical fertilizers.

Secondly, the special mixing attachment is great for ingredients that settle out of solution. Run the pump for 1-2 minutes to re-suspend all of the ingredients back into solution. Turn the valve and run the re-mixed ingredients right into your truck, or pail or wherever you want it. The powerful, quick-detach electric powerhead can easily be removed and stored inside while the pump tube can remain in the drum, and quickly moved from drum to drum.

This is a real time and labor saver with fewer spills and greater product consistency.

The Wand

Wands are all customized to meet each company’s specific application requirements. This highly flexible and adaptable tool is used throughout the Green Industry for a wide variety of applications including: compost tea, lawns, drenching, tick and deer sprays, other environmental applications, anti-dessicants, municipal flower pot watering and a host of additional specialized applications.

Wands reduce applicator fatigue, increase product control, increase coverage uniformity and reduce overspray damage to bedding plants, non-targeted plants, buildings, and potential discoloration to hard surfaces like sidewalks and driveways.

Wands are calibrated to place the exact amount of product that you require exactly where you need it. It reduces strips and missed areas. Applicators can learn to use it more quickly and with fewer mistakes. It is preferred over all other tools particularly for turf and compost tea applications, increasing both consistency and efficiency.

Dozens of specialized inter-changeable spray tips are available for every conceivable need.

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